How To Make Your Own Icon For Your App

You may have observed that not all apps are compatible with the themed icons introduced in Android 13. If just some of your phone’s icons match the style you want, the inconsistency can be extremely frustrating.

We’ll show you how to make themed icons for every app on your Android phone so that your home screen always looks the way you want it to.

Use Shortcut Maker to Design Your Own Icons for Your Apps

Shortcut Maker allows you to make custom icons for your Android apps if you’ve exhausted the normal methods of customizing app icons without success. You may make custom icons for your favorite apps with this free app. As a matter of fact, you can utilize Shortcut Maker to make new shortcuts for your mobile device.

  • Create unique icons for each of your programs with a few simple clicks with Shortcut Maker.
  • Install Shortcut Maker by visiting the Play Store.
  • Go to the Apps menu.
  • Select the program whose icon you’d like to modify.
  • Drag the slider at the top of the screen to modify the icon size.
  • Choose from pre-made icons or make your own using the Gallery or emojis in the Icons tab.
  • To alter the look of your icons, click the tab labeled “Style.”
  • To view icon suggestions tailored to your current Android theme, click on the Themed tab.
  • Click the Tick button once you’ve finished designing your app icon.
  • When you’re done, select Create Shortcut followed by Add to home screen.

Substitute Home Screen Apps with Custom Shortcuts

You have the ability to add as many shortcuts as you need on your home screen and organize them however you like. You will probably want to remove the original app icons from your home screen and replace them with these shortcuts instead.

You can remove a shortcut from your home screen by pressing and holding the icon for that shortcut until it disappears. Don’t worry, you’ll only be removing the shortcut and not the actual software. Shortcut Maker’s History feature makes it simple to recover a previously deleted shortcut.

Personalize Your Apps and Show Off Your Unique Taste

One of the best ways to improve your smartphone experience is to make use of the home screen. Changing the look and feel of your home screen can have a significant impact on how you experience using your phone. Shortcut Maker and other similar apps expand the already extensive customization options for the home screen, making it simple to reflect your individuality.

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