How To Make Your Android Phone Faster

One most typical criticism with Android OS, in particular, is that the OS tends to seem sluggish after a few of months of usage. As a result, “how to make Android phones faster” is the most sought-after answer by Android users. Purchasing a high-end smartphone that performs well and has plenty of features is not fun. However, you still aren’t experiencing the buttery-smooth, lightning-fast operation you anticipated.

Phones with inferior hardware and features are much more prone to stuttering and latency. This post will go over several methods for speeding up your Android phone so that you may use it more effectively and have fewer hiccups.

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Bugs are squashed and performance is much improved with each new version of Android. Therefore, it is critical to always have the most recent updates installed. What can be done, therefore, to speed up Android devices? Start by updating your device by checking for updates in Settings > About device > Software update. In a similar vein, check that the applications you use are up to date in Playstore.

Get Rid of Unwanted Programs and Turn Them Off

The memory requirements of your Android apps go up with time. Every mobile device has a limited amount of storage capacity, so only retain the programs you really use. The applications you never use that are still installed on your smartphone do nothing except take up valuable storage space and may even cause your device to run slowly. The programs installed on your smartphone may be seen by navigating to Settings > programs and then tapping the All option. All available applications are shown here. Find the programs you don’t use and delete them first. The next step is to choose the program in question and then press Uninstall. If you can’t find the remove button, choose Disable instead. This is a simple method for boosting the speed of your Android device.

Tidy Up Your Start Menu
Trying to find a quicker Android phone? While adding live wallpaper to your home screen and widgets makes your smartphone appear cool, it also slows it down. Remove all the unnecessary icons and widgets and switch to a static background instead of using a live wallpaper. The less you have on your home screen, the better your smartphone will run.

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Delete App Cache Delete App Cache Image Credit:
Applications that make use of cached data are able to load their contents more rapidly. However, there are a few programs that you seldom launch. Removing these is the basic solution to how to make android phones quicker. When the old information is deleted, a lot of room is made available. This not only improves device speed, but also allows the app to retain updated copies of previously cached data.

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To make Android devices run more quickly, users may now just back up their data to the cloud. By doing so, you may clear up storage space on your device while also making your data available on all of them. That space may be utilized by another program, freeing up resources and speeding up your smartphone overall. If you follow these steps, you’ll learn how to increase the speed of your Android device.

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Make An Effort To Make Do With Free Apps
Increasing Android Device Velocity

Popular programs like Facebook and Twitter both have “lite” or “basic” versions available. Using lite versions of applications is one way to speed up Android phones and decrease data use. If your smartphone is low on storage space and features, Lite versions of popular applications are your best bet. Again, this is how to make android phones quicker.

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Only Download Apps From Trusted Sources
Increasing Android Device Velocity

Many Android applications seem to be useful, but they are really malicious and designed to steal your personal information. That’s why it’s smart to only get programs from official stores like the Google Play Store. For the future, you may activate this option in the settings as well. If you want a quicker Android phone, do what I say.

Reduce or Disable Any Animated Elements
Increasing Android Device Velocity

Minimizing animations is another option for speeding up your Android smartphone. However, you’ll need to turn on your device’s Developer Options first. Tap the build number seven times in Settings > About phone to access the Developer settings. It’ll allow you to access the device’s developer settings. Now, you may deactivate or minimize the animations. Here you may change the speed of the Window animation, the speed of the Transition animation, and the length of the Animator. The time needed to generate the screen’s visual effects will be cut down significantly if this is done.

Toggle Device Reset
Increasing Android Device Velocity

If you’ve tried everything we’ve suggested and still can’t get your device to work, try resetting it to factory settings. Your Android smartphone may be factory reset in two ways:

You may get the option to reset your device to factory settings by going to the Settings menu. By following these steps, you may conduct a soft reset on your smartphone, which will erase all of your data (including photographs, videos, applications, and cache) and reset the device’s settings.
By doing a Hard Reset, you may thoroughly purge your device. To do this, enter the device’s recovery mode and do a hard reset. After shutting off your smartphone, press the Power and Volume Down button simultaneously to go into the recovery mode. This won’t work with every smartphone, but it should with the vast majority.

Set up a modified operating system.
While rooting your Android device may not always improve its overall speed, installing a custom operating system (ROM) may. For older Android devices that are no longer receiving OS upgrades, custom ROMs provide a solution. You may also get custom ROMs that don’t have any unnecessary extras and provide exciting new possibilities for personalization. If you put in the time and effort, you can find the perfect custom ROM for your device. If you want a quicker Android phone, do what I say.

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