How To Delete iCloud Account

By fugitive

How To Delete iCloud Account

You may want to delete your iCloud account if you no longer use the services associated with the account. Whether it’s due to creating a new account with a different email, merging into an existing account, or no longer needing the services, deleting an iCloud account can be done with a few simple steps.

How to Delete Your iCloud Account

  1. Sign into with your Apple ID and password.
  1. After signing in, select the Settings option from the bottom left pane.
  1. Scroll down and select “Delete Account” from the menu.
  1. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion of account. Answer the security questions, if asked, and click “Delete”.
  1. Your iCloud account is now deleted.

Deleting your iCloud account will not delete the content that was associated with it. To ensure that your data is removed, all iCloud-related services must then be removed manually.

Things To Consider Before Deleting iCloud Account

  • Make sure to back up your iCloud data before deleting iCloud account.
  • Deleting your account means all the data previously stored in that account will be permanently deleted.
  • Any synced photos, contacts, calendars and documents from the iCloud account will be no longer accessible.
  • Before deleting an iCloud account, consider merging the data into another existing account or creating a new iCloud account.

Although deleting an iCloud account does not require many steps, it will definitely remove all of the data associated with it. Consider the data that was stored in the iCloud account and make sure to back up the relevant information before proceeding.


It is important to understand the implications of deleting an iCloud account before proceeding. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily delete your iCloud account without much hassle.

How is an iCloud account deleted?

To delete an iCloud account permanently, go to and go to setting in the upper right corner. Select “Advanced” and then select “Delete Account”. Enter the password associated with the account to confirm the deletion. Once the account is deleted, all associated data with the account will be removed, including files stored in iCloud Drive, emails sent and received, and contacts stored. Additionally, if any other Apple services relying on the account such as Apple Music and App Store purchases are also affected and need to be unsubscribed separately.

Are there security risks associated with deleting an iCloud account?

Yes, deleting an iCloud account can create security risks. Not only will all documents connected to the account be deleted, but the account itself can become vulnerable to being hacked. Additionally, there may be other personal accounts (such as iCloud e-mail) tied to the iCloud account, which could potentially be compromised as well. Therefore, it is important to fully understand the risks associated with deleting an iCloud account before doing so.

What happens to data stored in iCloud after deleting the account?

When an iCloud account is deleted, the data stored in it is no longer accessible and the associated storage space is released. Depending on the type of data, it may be permanently deleted or remain in Apple’s systems but inaccessible to the user. Apple also states that in some cases, copies of the data may still exist in their systems, even after an account is deleted.

What are the consequences of deleting an iCloud account?

Deleting an iCloud account is permanent, and all data associated with that account will be deleted. This includes any photos, documents, messages, contact information, emails, passwords, and other data stored in the account. This can potentially cause a lot of difficulty if someone needs access to their previous data. Additionally, features like iMessage, Apple Music, and the App Store may become inaccessible.

Is deleting an iCloud account permanent?

Yes, deleting an iCloud account is permanent. You will no longer be able to access the deleted account, and any associated data, emails, contacts, or saved files will be lost.