How To Change iCloud Email

By fugitive

How To Change iCloud Email

In today’s always-connected world, having different email addresses for different services is increasingly important. Apple’s iCloud is no different, and you may find the need to periodically change the email address associated with it. Here’s how to change the iCloud email address of your Apple ID account.

Steps to Change iCloud Email

Changing the iCloud email for your Apple ID requires you to go through a few steps:

  1. Go to and sign in with your current Apple ID.
  2. Go to the Manage My Apple ID page.
  3. Go to the Primary Email Address section.
  4. Click the Edit button next to your email address.
  5. Input the new email address.
  6. Click the Save Changes button.

Once you have gone through these steps, your new email address will be associated with your Apple ID. You can use this email address to sign in to the iCloud and other Apple services.

What to Consider When Changing Your iCloud Email

  • Your iCloud email address must be a valid email address. Apple will send a verification email to the address to confirm that it is yours.
  • When you change your email address, you will be logged out of all Apple services. This means that you will need to use your new iCloud email address to sign back in.
  • If you’re changing the email address for your Apple ID, any documents, music, and apps you’ve purchased on iTunes or the App Store will still be available with your new email address.
  • You can use any iCloud email address you want with your Apple ID. However, it’s recommended that you use a address for ease of use.
  • If you’re sharing your Apple ID with other family members, make sure to notify them before changing your iCloud email address.


Changing your iCloud email address is a relatively straightforward process. Just make sure to take into account the considerations mentioned above. After that, you’ll be off and using your new email address with Apple services.

What is the process for changing an iCloud email address?

To change your iCloud email address, follow these steps:

1. Log into your iCloud account and go to the Accounts page.

2. Select the Account Settings link.

3. Select the Change button near the Apple ID tab.

4. Enter your new iCloud email address and password.

5. Select the Save button.

6. You will receive a verification email at your new address.

7. Click the verification link in the email to complete the process.

Once you have verified your new iCloud email address, all future emails sent to you will be received at the new address.

Are there any potential issues I should be aware of before changing iCloud email?

Yes, there are several potential issues you should be aware of before changing iCloud email. Whenever you move to a new email provider, there may be problems syncing your contacts, calendar events, and other data. Additionally, there may be technical issues with your new email in terms of usability and security. You may also have to update all your other accounts (e.g. social networks, shopping sites, etc.) to use the new email. Lastly, it’s important to be aware of the privacy policies of the new email provider and any potential risks associated with it.

Does changing your iCloud email impact other Apple services?

Yes. Changing your iCloud email address will usually cause your other Apple services to become associated with the new address. This includes services like iTunes, Apple ID, Apple Music, App Store, iMessage, and more. Your Apple ID will remain the same, but all of the services that are associated with this account will now be linked to the new iCloud address.

How long does the process of setting up a new iCloud email account usually take?

Setting up a new iCloud email account typically takes 15-30 minutes. It can take longer if you need to reset your password or if you need to verify your account with multiple devices.

What are the necessary steps for setting up a new email address on iCloud?

1. Go to

2. Click Create Your Apple ID.

3. Enter your desired iCloud email address, create a password, and enter your date of birth.

4. Click Continue and then enter your full name and address information.

5. Enter the verification code from the email sent by Apple in the Verify by Email field.

6. Create a security question, agree to the terms, and then click Create Apple ID.

7. Create a backup email address in case you ever need to reset your password in the future.

8. Log into iCloud on your device.

9. Select Mail, Contacts & Calendars and then tap Add Account.

10. Select iCloud and enter your Apple ID and password to add the account.

11. For iPhones and iPads, select what content to sync between your device and iCloud.

12. Click Done. You’ll now have access to your new iCloud email address.